In the US, a content marketing study is an assessment that helps companies evaluate marketing campaigns. The findings help the owner get better insight into why the campaign did or did not work. Completing the studies often prevent the company from continuing to use Digital marketing strategies that aren’t feasible.

Identify All Campaign Costs

The owner starts by identifying all the costs for the campaign. Creating an itemized list of the expenses shows the owner how they used the capital during the campaign. It also indicates where spending wasn’t necessary and how to save in the future.


Calculate All Revenue Directly Linked to the Campaign

Ad revenue generated from the campaign is a residual income source. The owner starts with the total value of residual income first. Next, the profits earned from the ads directly are added to the list. The profits are tracked through redirect links that connected to the website and lead to a purchase. The exact IP address of the user isn’t unmasked, but the connecting links are. The data helps the owner acquire more accurate calculations.


Evaluate the Tracking Method Used

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The methods used for tracking the success of the campaign are evaluated, too. Online tools show the total number of visits to the company website, and determine if the volumes increase before or after the start of a campaign. Additional tools help the company track comments, posts, and feedback from consumers. The owner makes changes if their tracking methods were inferior or just failed to collect enough data.

Calculate the Total Number of Leads and Sales

Marketing campaigns are designed to generate sales online. Tracking the total number of leads and sales shows the business owner if the campaign was successful. If the volumes are higher from the campaign start date until it ends, the campaign was successful. If sales and/or leads didn’t increase, the campaign was not successful.


How Much was Earned from Each Lead?

All new leads generated from the campaign are evaluated. The owner reviews the total number of closed sales generated from the leads. Next, the owner adds up the total profits earned from the leads. The sales volumes and profit calculates define if the campaign was feasible.


In the US, the findings of a content marketing study help business owners make smarter choices in the future. The data collected shows when the campaigns are successful and how the company profited from them. Business owners who want to learn more about digital marketing visit today.

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